Taking care of your product is essential. Most of our products comes with separate instructions from the manufacturer. Always read the attached letter.

Here we have listed some general advise on how to best take care of your product.


Leather is a very strong and durable material. But it’s also a material that ages. Even if some people want it to look worn, here’s our best tips to make the looks last.

  • Heat will dry out your leather. Avoid direct sunlight, hair blowers and tumblers.
  • Don’t clean it by rubbing. Use a damp cloth to remove stains.
  • Don’t fold your leather product when storing it. Keep it hanging or give it a lot of space.
  • Don’t keep leather in plastic bags. This will dry out the leather.
  • Use Edge O’ Beyond’s Luscious Leather Lotion.


Use Leather Lotion for your leather products.


Every piece of lingerie from The Store of O i selected for it’s high quality. Although, it’s a good idea to take good care about your product.

  • Remove all attachments before you wash.
  • Use mild detergent and cold water when washing sensitive materials
  • Avoid hot water, irons and tumble dryers.
  • Don’t use fabric softener on silk
  • Make sure the hooks doesn’t get stuck. Always use a laundry bag.
  • Air dry lingeries, preferably by laying them flat.
  • Reshape foam cups before they dry.