la fille d'O

La fille d’O (meaning daughter of ‘O) is the voice of a generation. In 2003 I, Murielle Victorine Scherre, felt the need to create an aspirational role model. My own shameless Eve, a matriarch moulded after the women who have personally inspired me. The past is filled with women who elevate living into art. I wanted to tune into that frequency of wisdom. To grow from there, as a woman, mother and maker. I missed such a savoir vivre and alike women in both media and fashion. No better place to start a revolution under the soughing skirts close to mother’s womb. La fille d’O is avant-garde lingerie that supports your body, whilst empowering your attitude. Without compromises and therefore all-embracing. Like a friend once described it: ‘I am not fierce, yet I belong here’.