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An uncommon and arousing whip.

With its long leather whip-lashes, it whips, caresses and goes into your most intimate parts, bringing unequalled sensual enjoyment.

Stainless steel, Bronze BR10

Width 22,83inch – ø1,18inch – 7.97oz
Penetrating 2,40inch – ø1,18inch

Additional Information

The Rosebuds® is a precious jewel, like most sex toys deserves special attention. To retain its beauty, it should not be subjected to impact or be exposed to sunlight or be in contact with hot water (at a temperature below 50 °)

All jewelry Rosebuds® can be cleaned with warm soapy water. For your Rosebuds® in bronze, and per natural oxidation of the material, it is advisable to immerse in warm water and dry well. Also, to avoid the risk of scratching the polished portion of the jewel, Rosebuds® recommend using a soft cloth and very soft brush or a special jewel cleaning product.

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