Collection: Ludique

LUDIQUE, a lingerie brand, takes inspiration from the Latin word ‘Ludus’ meaning play and encompasses the enticing and playful nature of the feminine spirit.

The brand is the brainchild of Romanian designer Ruxandra Gheorghe, who has no formal training in fashion. LUDIQUE celebrates femininity and aims to empower women to embrace their true selves.

LUDIQUE's lingerie is made from high-quality fabrics and trimmings and is like a second skin. The brand's designs are cutting-edge and are inspired by art and mythology. The lingerie and loungewear pieces feature intricate geometric cuts, blending delicate and precious materials with bold elements, creating a fusion of functional and provocative lingerie.

LUDIQUE's products are handcrafted in limited editions, reflecting the brand's identity. The brand also promotes the Underwear as Outerwear trend, offering versatile lingerie and loungewear pieces that can be worn outside conventional occasions.