The Store of O loves handmade products. We nurture the intimate relationship between the maker and the user.

Handmade, to us, stands for beauty and quality – but also the experience of something unique. We believe that our costumers deserve specially selected leather. It’s our conviction that trained craftsmanship are better than machines.

A big part of our product range is made by hand. We have brought together things from artisans over the world. For your pleasure.

Let the play begin

There is a place where your mind is free. Free to explore and challenge every border. And maybe even cross it.

Sometimes you take the lead. Sometimes it’s time to submit. Sometimes you hold the leash. Sometimes you don’t.

You can travel alone. Or with someone who is worthy. Let’s go there… Come in to the world of yearning, desireand temptations. Open up your body. And your mind. Now is the time to reach for your dreams. Let the play begin.

Let the play begin