Lingerie care

Read the care label

Always read the care label on your lingerie before washing or cleaning it. The care label will provide you with specific instructions on how to care for your lingerie.

Hand wash

Hand washing is the best way to clean delicate lingerie. Use a gentle detergent and cold water. Soak the lingerie for a few minutes and then gently agitate it. Rinse thoroughly with cold water.

Use a lingerie bag

If you prefer to machine wash your lingerie, use a lingerie bag to protect it from damage. Place the lingerie in the bag and use a gentle cycle with cold water.

Avoid the dryer

Never put your lingerie in the dryer. The heat can damage the delicate fabrics and elastic, causing them to shrink or lose their shape.

Air dry

Hang or lay flat to dry your lingerie. Avoid hanging bras by the straps as this can cause the straps to stretch out. Instead, hang them by the center gore or lay them flat. Reshape foam cups before they dry.

Store properly

Store your lingerie in a drawer or on a hanger with enough space to prevent them from getting crushed or bent out of shape. Do not fold padded bras as this can damage the cups.


Rotate your lingerie regularly to prevent wear and tear. Avoid wearing the same bra or panties every day. 

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