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Constrictor O-ring Choker

Constrictor O-ring Choker

Melissa Tofton Leather

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Product description

The Constrictor O-ring Choker can be worn both as a simple accessory & layering piece or simply worn on its own for a pure skin on skin feeling.

You’re welcome to unscrew the D-ring and take the removable O-ring, for a more minimal look – when it just doesn't feel right to have that o-ring there.

Conveniently reversible / wear the buckle to the front for a more traditional Bondage aesthetic, and attach a lead if you so wish to the o-ring or to the buckle at the back too – know that the possibility is always there.

Size guide

One Size fits all.

Neck measures 27 – 34 cm.



Wash and care

Leather balm.

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