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Maze Suspender Belt

Maze Suspender Belt

Bijoux Indiscrets

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The most iconic and sexy lingerie item, the rebellious Maze Suspender Belt that is not to be confined to the privacy of the bedroom. It goes perfectly with both your favourite lingerie sets and outfits.

* 100% adjustable, adjust it to your waist and adapt the length of the straps.
* Hook the suspender belt onto your sexiest stockings.
* Goes perfectly with skirts, shorts and lingerie.
* 100% vegan: polyurethane straps made from recycled materials.
* Inspired by classic BDSM: all the sensuality and power of bondage in a single accessory.
* Adds a bold touch to any outfit or lingerie set.
* Fashion Erotic Accessories: A blend between current fashion trends and traditional eroticism.
* Wanna play? The perfect accessory for all your bondage games.
* 100% vegan, 0% materials from animal origin.

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100% vegan: polyurethane straps made from recycled materials.

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