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Wanda Playsuit

Wanda Playsuit

The Model Traitor

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Product description

The Wanda Playsuit takes its name from Sacher-Masoch’s heroine and is designed to provoke desire in the wearer.

The playsuit is made from lustrous satin elastic that artfully embraces the body's contours and can be adjusted with gold plated sliders for a customized fit.

Its strategically placed straps enhance the wearer's figure and intensify pleasure with soft elastic straps that glide across intimate areas, providing an additional thrill when the groin straps are gently tugged on.

The plush elastic material is gentle on the skin, especially around delicate areas, allowing the wearer to focus solely on the sensations of pleasure.

Size guide

S-M fits 8-10UK. Waist measurement 61-68 cm. Hips 81-91 cm.
M-L fits 10-12UK. Waist measurement 69-84 cm. Hips 91-107 cm.


Wash and care

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